Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family fun in Las Vegas

Frank and I were a little stir crazy and decided to go to Vegas and stay with Sherry for a couple of nights.  We wanted to do something fun.  The first night Renee, Jason, baby Rozlynn, Sherry, Frank, and I met at the Yard House and had dinner.  Rozlynn entertained us and we all enjoyed the meal tasting each others food.  We had to walk a country mile to get to the restaurant, as it is located in Town Square but at least the weather had cooled down so actually the walk was nice. It was really windy and I ended up having to take all my eye makeup off as my eyes were itching, swollen, and watering and my nose was running. I sure am glad no one took my picture.  There must have been something blowing in the wind that I was allergic to. 

When we were through eating we went outside and sat on a bench and visited for a while, by then the wind had died down some and it was so cool and nice we just lingered and enjoyed the coolness as we knew it wasn't going to last long.  Bret you will enjoy this one.  Pops was checking out the asphalt problems.  He explained to everyone about your shopping trips with Pops and I, a long time ago, and you and him checking out the asphalt.  Pops is going to tell you he a found a good  place to find asphalt problems.

The next day Frank and I did a little shopping as we have been looking for a bedspread so we went to Kohl's where I had no luck in finding one that I liked. Then we went to a health food store looking for a diabetic supplement that I wanted to buy, but unfortunately they were out of it and won't have any in until July. We then headed to Mandalay Bay and went to the Sharks Reef.  That was fun and we saw a lot of interesting fish. I have been wanting to do that for a long time. We waited too long to eat and I was feeling the effects of not eating.  We decided to go to Red Robin and I had soup and salad.  I was disappointed with the salad as they didn't put the tortilla strips in it like they usually do, and I forgot to ask the waitress if they had stopped putting them in the salads.

 We went back to Sherry's condo and Jason, Renee, and baby Rozlynn came over to go swimming.  Jason and Renee are working with Rozlynn to eventually learn how to swim.  The weather was cooler than normal so the water was cold.  Rozlynn liked it at first, but soon got cold and started fussing.  Poor Jason was freezing too.  We went back inside Sherry's condo and waited for her to come home.  Jason was exhausted and soon fell asleep and Renee took the baby and crashed on Sherry's bed.  I went to bed later and Sherry told me Renee and Jason slept until almost midnight before they got up and went home.  The next day was Saturday and we went to Sam's and to my surprise I found a bedspread there.  We ate some lunch and came home.  We had a nice mini vacation.

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