Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catchin up With the Merritts

Since my last post about my Sleep Apena, I finally went back to Dr. Hall the dentist that works for Dr. Saifee.  Dr. Hall does all the things necessary to have the dental sleep apena
appliance made.  I had to have x-rays, measurements of my mouth, etc.  Then the yucky part of having the gunk put into my mouth on trays to make a form for the appliance to be made from. 

A couple of weeks ago I was able to go back to St. George to get the appliance and be instructed on how to use them.  When I first saw them I thought to my self, "Those things look big how the heck am I going to handle having them in my mouth?"  I have a very small mouth and when I first put them in, I felt like a had a big ball in my mouth.  But after using them for two weeks now, I can get them in and out a lot easier, and I have been sleeping better as long as Frank doesn't snore.  They open up the air passage way and I can breath better. 

Poor Frank just can't seem to get used to his CPAC as he can't breath back into the mask.  We went over to Mesquite last week and the lab guy worked with him and he ended up with a different mask and also adjustments made to the machine.  Frank thought he would be able to use it, but so far he still has problems.  He has been trying to use it during the day as instructed, but yesterday he fought it.  So we have another option and that is a higher tech CPAC.  I keep hoping that he will be able to use it as we have been told that it would make a big difference in losing weight, feeling less fatigued, and lower blood pressure.  In other words just make us healthier. Guess it is a wait and see thing.  Frank thinks maybe he could use the dental appliance, but after I was thinking about it, I doubt they would work for him as he can only breath through his mouth, and the appliance is designed to keep your mouth closed.

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