Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life with Granny & Gramps

Yesterday we went to Vegas to have lunch with Renee, Sherry, and little Rozlynn.  We met at Renee's home and then headed to Mimis for lunch.  I had the pot roast and it was yummy.  They have a smaller lunch size, and it was just right. Rozlynn ate with us and had bananas.  Renee let her taste some watermelon and as you can see baby Rozlynn loved the taste.  Her eyes are so big and she has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen on a baby.  She is beautiful.  I guess you might say I am a proud G. Grandma. I can't believe how much she changes each time we get to see her.  After lunch we all went to Renee's beauty shop and Renee cut Frank's and my hair.  Frank was happy to get his long locks cut off.  He said he felt like he had lost a pound of hair.  Sherry took care of Rozlynn, and it was fun to play games with the baby and make her smile.  Her smiles made us all smile.  Frank was getting a little sore, after our trip in.  He did all the driving.  First stop was to see Robin for a few minutes, and it was great to see the big hug between daughter and father.  Wish I would have thought to grab the camera and take a picture.  A picture sometimes is better than words.   By the time we got home, Frank was ready to settle down in his comfy chair, as his back was telling him that it was way past time for a rest.  I am so grateful that he is doing as well as he is.  I can't wait for the words that he isn't in pain.  I know at our age we will always have some kind of back pain, but I just hope and pray the bad pain Frank was having is over.  We want to be able to travel again and do something fun.  I told Frank that I don't know where we will go or what we will do, but by August I want to go on some kind of a vacation.   I have been feeling so tired and depressed, a change would be good.  My heart aches from the pain of losing Garen and his family in my life, and that doesn't help the depression.  I have another g.grandson born April 16, and I will never get to see him.  Life can be so hard and cruel.  There have been some events that happened lately that hurt me again, and just when I think I am dealing with it, I am hit again with a roll of emotions.  Maybe in the next life things will be straightened out.  I sure hope so.  So once again, I have to beat down the emotional roller coaster, and tell myself  "you can't let them destroy you."  I still have family that loves me for who I am and for them I am grateful. 

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