Thursday, January 28, 2010

Future Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hardy

Robyn and Eric came to the baby shower and I finally remembered to get a picture of them. They will be getting married on February 20 and I am so excited for them. Robyn has waited a long time to meet her soul mate.
Can you believe that her Mother Lori, is the one who played cupid, and got Eric and Robyn together. One time when a Mother got to pick a son in law. You did good Lori!!
Robyn will be quiting her job, moving to Mesquite where Eric is employed at the Mesquite Medical Center. They have found a nice home and will be starting their family. We are so happy for you Robyn, and I can't wait for another Great Grandbaby. :) I know your Mom is excited about having her first grandchild.

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