Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sherry's new Baby Ozzie - Sphynx Cat

Sherry finally made the decision to get a Sphynx cat. After we had dinner with Frank's family we headed to Sherry's condo to spend the night. Robyn and her fiance were there along with Renee, baby Rozlynn and Jason. Renee and Sherry had gone shopping for all the things needed for Ozzie, Sherry's Cat.

It was great to see Robyn and meet her fiance. Sherry, Jason, Renee and baby Rozlynn left to go and get the cat and we waited at the condo. I was excited for Sherry as it will be nice for her to have a pet to greet her when she gets home from work and to love her, and this cat is a lover. I couldn't wait to see him too. As soon as I picked him up he was purring and he crawled right up into my neck and cuddled with me. Since we spent the night, Frank and I both were able to love on Ozzie. The Sphynx's body temperature stays at 100 degrees so they feel hot to the touch. They are called healing cats.

I remember seeing an article in a magazine several years ago that had a picture of a lady with two Sphynx cats wrapped around her neck. She had been in an accident or had some kind of illness where she suffered severe pain in her shoulders and neck. These cats with their body heat would make the pain go away. They are registered so that they can be taken in places of business like a dog that helps handicapped people. So now when we go to Sherry's condo, I will be able to play with Ozzie and get my cravings for a pet filled.

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  1. Hi Donna...just stopping by to wish you Happy New's hoping I can finally get organized in 2010!


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