Monday, January 25, 2010

Poor Little Rozlynn

Renee called me yesterday and told me that little Rozlynn was sick. She has RSV. Luckily Renee and Jason took her to the doctor in time and caught it before it got really bad and she would have been put in the hospital.
There had been a baby just before Rozlynn's doctor visit that had to be put in the hospital. I am so grateful that Renee and Jason were sharp enough to know that the baby was sick enough to take to the doctor. They have some good baby books to refer to and help them make those kinds of decisions. It is strange to me that I had never heard of RSV until one of my G. Grandsons had it and I read about it on his mother's blog. Is this something new? Or has it always been around and has a new name. Renee and Jason are giving Rozlynn treatments three times a day at home and I just talked to Renee and the baby seems to be improving. It is so frightening to me to have such a small baby be so sick.

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