Monday, February 1, 2010

Sad Day at Church

As my husband was reading the newspaper Sunday, he came across this article and from then on we were in shock and tears. I couldn't sleep last night as it was on my mind constantly.

Jace is the son of our wonderful Bishop Larry Davis who was released from this position on January 24th. Bishop Davis has been our home teacher for several years, and Frank was his for a couple of years. So we knew the family really well. I have known Larry since he was a young boy. Donna, Larry's wife and mother to Jace, is a very special person to me and gave me words of comfort before my surgery a year ago. Jace was a very good friend of my Grandson Merritt, and I know Merritt will miss him.

Needless to say, at church Sunday every ones thoughts and prayers were for this family There were boxes of tissue for the tears that were shed, and there wasn't a dry eye through out the three hour meeting schedule. Ironically, Jace's Grandfather was the scheduled speaker for our Sacrament meeting, and he went ahead and talked. It was mostly about Jace's death and words of comfort for not only us, but for his family. He is a marvelous man and we love him and his wife. Frank is their Home Teacher.

I have to add one thing more to this post, and that is how it is such a small world. My niece, Megann e-mailed me and wondered if I knew Jace as I am sure she had heard news of his death through the news and saw he was from Logandale, NV. She told me that her best friend's Father is mission president of the Romania Bucharest Mission area. She also told me how hard her friends Mother was taking the death of the two missionaries. I know that the Mission President and their wives are like the Mother and Father of all the missionaries they are over and become very attached to them. Something like this affects so many people's lives.

This poor family has gone through so much this past couple of months as their daughter Sarah was put in the hospital several weeks before Christmas diagnosed with ulcerated colitis and ended up with some kind of a bad infection they think through her pick line. She almost died and was in the hospital right up until Christmas. The ward fasted and prayed for her and was grieving with the family through this ordeal. Another daughter who was getting ready to go on a mission during the time of Sarah's illness became ill herself, and so far as been unable to go on her mission. My heart just aches for these special people and I pray that the Lord's spirit of comfort will be with them and their hearts will heal.

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  1. I read this in the paper. I am so sad to hear it was someone close to you. Our prayers go out to you, their families and the church.


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