Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grandson's Visit

Tony came to visit us and spend the night last Friday. It has been great seeing him and spending some quality time with him.

We took him over to Mesquite to our favorite Mexican restaurant to have dinner, and on the way home Tony got a phone call from his Mom to tell him that he had forgotten his roof racks. Since we were all ready on the freeway, we decided to take Tony back into Vegas and get the racks and save him a backtracking trip the next day as he was heading back to Utah and Idaho.

The trip to Vegas was great as we were able to have some quality time for visiting one on one. It may be a long time before we get to see Tony again and we were grateful that he took the time to spend with his boring grandparents, before heading back to college. I don't know where the time flies too, but it is still hard to believe that Tony is 22.

Sherry called me this morning to talk for a few minutes and she told me that when she was taking her bath last night, Ozzie her new Sphynx cat decided to jump into the tub with her, so he had another bath as she had already given him one a day or so before. I guess he loves water. Sherry told me that his mother loves water too. I would have loved to have seen the bath time with Ozzie. It makes me want to go in to Vegas for another visit to Sherry's and get some loving fun with Ozzie, and get to see Rozlynn too.

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