Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Renee's Phone Call

Renee called me yesterday and we chatted while she was getting ready for work and was cooking a Mexican dish for dinner. She is having the Bracton Hicks pre-labor contractions, and while we were talking she was having one, except she is experiencing pain with them, both in the front and back. I told her she had better be aware of how her long they were and if she could count how long in-between them. I was worried that she may be going into labor and I think it is too early. I guess it was all okay as I didn't hear from her later that she was in the hospital.

All of the family thinks she will have the baby early, but hopefully not too early. She is still working and maybe it is time for her to quit as she is a beautician and is on her feet a lot. She is planning to quit working on the 30th of this month. Maybe at the next doctor's visit, he will make that decision for her. One thing for sure it won't be long until little Rozlynn will make her appearance in this world. Her due date is the 20th of October, but we all think she will have the baby the first part of November.
I forgot to take my camera on October 1st to Frank's & Mine hair day with Renee, and she is a lot bigger than the last above picture taken at her baby shower.

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