Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Decorations

This is the first year in a long time that I did a little decorating for Halloween. I saw the scary bat at Costco and just had to buy him. His eyes light up but don't show up very good at night as he is so black all you can see his two red eyes and not his body. I told Frank he will probably scare the little ones. I sure hope not. I thought he was so ugly and cute at the same time.
We used to take off on Halloween night and go to dinner and a movie as I got so tried of getting up and down giving treats to the kids. Now the kids go to a Trunk or Treat party and we don't really have many trick or treaters, only a few in our neighborhood. So we will be staying home and giving out treats.
I make up some special treats for my neighbor's kids as they are so good to us. They helped us out during the past year with dinners, helping Frank out of the car and into the house after his surgeries, loaning us a recliner for his recovery and just being there if we need them.

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