Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting the Scrap Book Done

I have been trying to do some scrap booking every day that I am home. Since this is my first adventure with scrap booking, I am slow getting it done. I know there is so much more that I could do to make it better, but really don't have the experience nor any one to show me how.
I just want to leave my daughter something that I made for her and I know she will treasure it after I am on the other side. She already has seen it and thinks it is pretty cool.
I hope to get it done soon, as I want to clean out the room I have the scrap booking stuff set up in so we can put our exercise equipment in that room.

I have a Cricut and haven't really used it for this project as I just don't want to take the time to experiment with it. I have tried to find a project book for the Cricut, but so far haven't found any. I have some DVD's with instructions and some projects, but I would rather have a book that I can leave open and follow the directions, instead of trying to remember what I saw on a DVD. My old brain just doesn't handle trying to remember and would have to go back over and over the DVD and that isn't going to work. I am the type that just wants to get it done, and not mess around with trying to figure things out. If I lived in a bigger town, I would go to a Micheal's or Roberts and take some classes on it if they are offered.

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