Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cancer Sucks - Bad News

My grand daughter Renee called me the other day with some bad news about her Father in Law.  He has been sick for quite a while now with stomach problems.  He couldn't have a BM and was throwing up. It finally got so bad that he ended up in the hospital.  After several tests the outcome wasn't good.  He has stage four stomach cancer.  At first the doctors were going to remove his stomach, but then it was decided to put a feeding tube in along with a shunt to do chemo through and they let him go home today.  He will never know the taste of good food again, unless there is a miracle for him.

I feel so bad for his family to have to go through the trials that are ahead of them.  I am afraid the outcome isn't good and I just hope that he doesn't have to suffer.  Renee's husband Jason is having a tough time as he is really close to his Dad.  He told Renee that their baby Rozlynn won't get to know her grand father. It all makes me feel so sad, and I will be keeping the family in my heart and prayers.


  1. Oh no! I hope he takes well to the chemo. I am sorry.

    Also, on a more funny note. You are definitely at the hospital too much when you use the word "BM" :)

  2. Oh Donna. I am so sad to hear about Renee's FIL. Rozlynn is absolutely adorable! I cannot even imagine what your family is going through, but please know you all are in my prayers.


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