Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mini Vacation

We finally went on our mini vacation.  After being on the road for a while I realized that I had forgotten my camera. I could have taken some really neat pictures of the beautiful areas we went to.  We went to Cedar City, UT and stayed for two nights.  The first day we got settled in the hotel, and then headed up to Elk Meadows Ski Resort where we owned  a condo for 10 years.  We wanted to check out the area and see if our building was still standing.  Much to our pleasant surprise our condo building had been painted recently, and we were happy to see that the homeowners are taking care of it, as Frank did a lot of work on that building over the years.  It was messy looking around the village as there is a new owner and he is having the lower lodge remodeled, and they must have been cutting down trees as they were stacked all over the place.

We stopped and asked a homeowner who was out walking what was going on, and we were happy to hear that the resort will open on January 1 of next year.  The new owner doesn't know if he will keep it public or go private, or maybe a little of both.  It is such a beautiful area and has so much potential, but I think there was a curse on it as there has been so many ups and downs, mostly downs.  We learned to ski there in our forties and loved it as it was a family oriented resort.  Then came bankruptcy and different resort owners who all failed.  So we are hoping this new one will make it.  He owns it outright so maybe he has a chance.

The next day we drove up to Navajo Lake, and on up to Duck Creek Village and rode all around.  We drove around in the Duck Creek camping grounds and wished our trailer was parked up there in the cool mountain air.  It rained on us a little and the air smelled so good.  The temperature dropped down to 68 degrees.  What a difference in the 113 degrees that we left to the 68 to 78 degrees on the mountain.

We stopped in the village and had lunch in a cute little cabin like cafe.  Then we drove up to Cedar Breaks, and I had forgotten what a beautiful view that was.  I was able to use my life time pass and saved us $8.00 as it is $4.00 a person.  As we walked to the view point, both Frank and I became breathless and my chest actually hurt.  The elevation was over 10,000 feet and we felt it. Then we drove up to Brian Head Ski Resort and then on down to Parowan and back to Cedar to our hotel.

We rested a while, and decided to go and eat at Sizzlers, but much to our disappointment it was jammed full, so we ended up going to a movie and I ate popcorn.  We saw Grownups and it was really funny, silly funny.  After the movie we went to Artic Circle and had a snack and went back to the hotel to settle in for the night.  The next morning we hated the idea of driving back down the mountain to St. George and we watched the temperature keep going up as we came down the mountain.  When we got home it was 113 degrees.  All I can say is that I can't wait until Fall and cooler weather. So now we are back to hibernating in our air conditioned home and hate to go outside.  We do the necessary things like go to the post office and the store, and then rush back to our cool home.

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