Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This and That a Little of Everything

Frank and I went to St. George yesterday afternoon so I could see my dentist who works with me and my sleep apnea appliance.  It has been causing me a great deal of jaw pain.  Dr. Hall said it is in the muscle and he adjusted the appliance so that it felt more centered in my mouth.  He told me to use heat and to massage the trigger point. 

We are going to Mesquite today for Frank to see Dr. Saifee our sleep study doctor.  Frank can't use his CPAC as he can't breathe back into the mask.  so he is going to see if he can do the sleep appliance like I have. 
It seems like lately all I post is pictures of my G grand baby, Rozlynn.  I guess I am a proud G Grandma.  She is so cute and changes every time I get to see her.  Renee is finding that all the changes Rozlynn makes, she too has to make changes in her life.  Renee has a baby sitter come to the salon to watch Rozlynn and then Jason picks Rozlynn up when he gets off from work.  It is a lot harder for Renee to get out of the house to get to work.  Life with a baby is a new and ever changing experience.

Frank and I have been going stir crazy and enjoy going to the doctors only because it gets us out of the house.  We are trying to figure out a mini vacation of some kind and have decided to go to Cedar City, UT for a couple of days and drive up to Elk Meadows to see the area and our old condo and see what things look like up there after we sold and moved out.  We miss our condo sometimes as it was a beautiful area, but we don't miss the work and politics we got involved with, and also the high altitude was starting to affect us not in a good way.  Age has a way of changing things in our lives.  We would love to hook up our fifth wheel and take off to OR, but that will have to wait until next year.

Frank will be making an appointment today to get his CT Scan in Mesquite and then next week on the 16th, he will go back to Dr. Duke who will go over the X-Rays and see if Frank's back has healed the way it is supposed to.  We are hoping for the best. Frank does feels that his back is healing and that is a good sign.

My blood sugar is a littler higher than I want it to be, so my plan was to start the dreadmill :) today and I did.  Now I just have to keep up the motivation.  I have gained some weight and I need to take it off and more.  My brother in law who has both legs amputated and then had to have more cut off, is my motivator as he is diabetic and now he is on dialysis three times a week.  He was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago with failure of kidneys.  I don't think he has too much time left on this earth.  I don't want to end up like him, so I know I need to get back on track with my eating and exercising.  I know we have to all leave this earthly life sooner or later, but I want to go with all my limbs intact.

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