Friday, March 19, 2010

Trip to Las Vegas - Hair Cuts

We had quite a long day in Vegas Wednesday as we started out on a shopping spree.  First to Home Depot for a new toilet seat, and some sprinkeling system stuff and then to Star Nursery for a new sprinkler timer. We had to call Renee and make our hair appointmets for a little later which was fine with her as we were her last appointments.

She is now managing a beauty shop that is closer to her home and makes it a lot easier to get there.  It is quite stressful on her leaving the baby and trying to staff an almost empty salon with new people.  She is on a salary and works five days a week.  She does hair in between her manager's chores. Luckilly her step mom drives into Vegas from Overton to baby sit.  So the baby is in good hands.  I talked to Renee this morning and she said that Jason had a tough time with Rozlynn yesterday when he got home from work and took over the baby care.  Rozlynn cried for a couple of hours straight. He called Renee and told her "You have to get home now!"  Renee thinks the baby is missing her and I think she is right.  So today Jenie will bring the baby to Renee's work and hopefully Renee will be able to breast feed her and have some mommy time with her.  Renee wants to end up working part time again so she can be with Rozlynn more and I sure hope it works out.  We didn't get to see Rozlynn.  Hopefully when things settle down for Renee we can go in for a Visit at her home and see the baby.

We ended our day at Sams Club doing our usual shopping there and then had dinner and came home.  I was exhausted and couldn't wait to go to bed.  I remember when we used to do marathon shopping in Vegas from morning to night.  Wow! I couldn't do that any more. 

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