Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ozzie's Visit

Last week I stopped by Sherry's and brought Ozzie home with me so I could play with him.  I thought he would lift my spirits, and he did.  I love playing with him and having him sit on my lap and purr while I pet him.  He is really growing and filling out. 

I told Sherry I needed his healing powers as they are known as a healing cat.  He is a lot more acitve now and when I was cooking dinner, he could smell the meat and ended up on the counter. He moves so darn fast, you can't keep up with him.  I had to scold him a few times and he finally went over and jumped into my chair and crawled into his blanket and fell asleep.
He loves his baby blanket and when he is ready to sleep, he crawls inside of it using his nose to get under it.  Sherry has a cat bed for him and several baby blankets to put inside of the bed.  When she is traveling back and forth to Vegas she wraps him up in his blanket and he knows he has to stay there or go into his traveling cage, which he doens't like and lets it be known by loud meows.

On another note, Frank called his doctor office again only to find out that April 21 is the first available appointment.  It would have been nice if the office girl would have told us to schedule a six week follow up appointment as soon as he got the bone growth stimulator. 

We both are staying home from church again today as neither of us is feeling that well.  I think I am feeling the effects of blood pressure medicine and  I still am coughing from the bug that won't go away. So I have a double whammy.  I am supposed to take the blood pressure pill twice a day, and I am just taking it once a day.  I am thinking that if I take it twice a day I will be a zombie. This old age stuff sucks!  I had my echo cardiogram yesterday and will have a follow up visit with the cardiolgist.  So I will have to make myself some notes of things I want to talk to him about,.........the blood pressure pills, etc.

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