Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

We celebrated Bret's birthday last Saturday the 13 at Lost Lupies our favorite Mexican food place.  Bret was treated with a free order of fried ice cream and it was finger licking good. Sierra grabbed a piece of it and helped a stuffed full Dad eat it.  Bret's birthday was on the 14th.

I can't believe that he is 47.  It sure is making me feel ancient.  When my daughter Sherry related to Renee (her daughter) how old she and her two brothers are my granddaughter replied "Was Grandma nuts!  Come May 29th my kids will be 46, 47, and 48 until Sherry turns 49 in August.

I have to admit I had my hands full, but was grateful for a husband that helped me with house hold chores and by getting up with the older ones at night when I had to get up with the baby.  Wait a minute they were all babies.  :)  Glad those years are over. 

Spring has arrived.  This is a picture of a Dasiy Bush out by our Gazebo.  It has been blooming for quite a while even when it was colder.

Today was really nice as it got up to 80 degrees and it sure did feel like a beautiful spring day.

I didn't get to go out and enjoy the weather as I had my nails done, and then my special adopted granddaughter came to my home and gave me a massage. Thanks Jamie. :) It sure helps the aches and pains.  I have been sitting at my computer too much and it makes my back hurt as my mouse is up too high for me.  I have to figure out a way of expanding my keyboard holder so that I can put the mouse down on it. 

Oh! and my wonderful Chiropractor Dr. Bret fixed my knee and I was able to take the knee support off and now I need to try to get back on my treadmill, or dreadmill as I call it.  I had Ozzie with me again for the past two days.  Sherry shares him with me on her days off.

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