Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling Picked On

Wow! what a lousy couple of weeks this has been. This darn flu bug has just dragged on and on. Then to make matters worse my knee started being very painful. I just got up from the couch and about fell to the floor with the pain. It came on that fast. I have had to start wearing a knee brace. Frank keeps telling me that he knows a good knee doctor---meaning surgery. No way!!!! I told him. I have been going to my son Dr. Bret, the Chiropractor and he has worked on it three times now and it is so much better. He has saved me from surgery a few times. First my thumbs that have no cartilage left and is rubbing bone on bone. It hurt so bad at times, I would cry. I went to a hand surgeon a long time ago, and was thinking about surgery, but was afraid of it as it had a terribly long recovery time. I am a busy bee, cleaning house, etc and that didn't sound like something I would like to do--having my hand out of order. So once again Dr. Bret worked on my thumbs and it hurt like &^%@ but it worked. Wow! what a blessing Bret has been to me and my health.

Poor Frank feels like he is coming down with the flu all over again. I told him he needs to see our local doctor and maybe he needs to be on an antibodic. Ordinally I wouldn't want to do that, but he has been sick way too long now, over a month. Neither one of us feels like doing any thing but the necesary things of life. Tonight I feel like a freight train has hit me again. So I am feeling a little picked on.

After being on the bone growth stimulator six weeks for his back, Frank called his doctor for a follow up appointment as he had his CT Scan last Wednesday. The girl who made the appointment made it for April 21st. By the questions she was asking him, I am thinking she thinks he is a new patient even though he told her he had seen Dr. Duke before. So now he will call her back in the moring to make sure that she knows about the whole situation with his back-----basically a back surgery gone bad as it wasn't healing and mending together like it is supposed to---thus the bone growth stimulator. Frustration! Fraustration! Hope we don't have to wait two months to find out the results of the CT Scan.

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