Saturday, November 7, 2009

Visit With Renee

Rozlynn's bedroom. Jason & Renee painted and decorated the room a few months ago. Isn't it cute? They are all ready for Rozlynn to arrive. See the cute bassinet right by their bed.

These pictures really don't show how big Renee is. Her tummy is as hard as a rock, and you can see little Rozlynn moving around.
Note Renee in front of a Christmas tree. She and Jason decided to put their tree up early so it would all be done when the baby comes and since they were just moving into their home around Christmas time last year they didn't really enjoy Christmas.
We were able to spend the afternoon with Renee last Wednesday as we went into Vegas to spend the night so I could go to my doctor the next day for blood work. It was nice just to sit around and visit and then later Jason came home with sub sandwiches for dinner. We watched part of the Phillie's and Yankee's game and then went back over to Sherry's.
On our way back to Sherry's we kept getting a notice on our instrument panel that the right rear tire was low. So we stopped and put some air in it. The next morning as we were getting ready to go to the doctor, I noticed the front right tire was flat as a pancake. The tire sensors were attached to the wrong tires so Frank had put air in the wrong tire. Luckily for us, Sherry was still home and we took her car to the doctors. We had to buy a portable air compressor and then Frank was able to drive over to Sams and get the tire fixed. Thanks Heavens, as I was worried about him trying to change tires. It was quite a morning for him as it doesn't take much to wear him out.

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