Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night Pictures

Today I started to download the pictures I had taken on Halloween and also of my grand daughter in her costume for her high school Halloween dance. The camera was dead and wouldn't turn on no matter what I did. I have it charging and it doesn't appear to be charging. I am so disappointed as I had some really good pictures of my cute neighbor kids in their costumes. I am going to be so upset if my camera is broken all ready as it isn't even a year old. I got it just before Christmas last year.

Sierra my grand daughter was so dang cute. She was dressed in an oriental dress, and had a wig on. Her makeup was great and if my camera decides to work and I can download the pictures I will post them. She told me she had a lot of fun dancing with a lot of different boys. Some of the foreign exchange students thought she also was an exchange student.

My neighbor's little girl was dressed up as Abbey, the girl on NCIS, and she looked just like a little miniature Abbey. The cutest costume was a tiny girl around a year old that was dressed up as a bumble bee. She just walked right up to the door and put out her little bucket and said trig or tweet. I told her Mom today at church that I would give her the award for the best costume. It was fun seeing all the little ones in their costumes. ]

I had one little girl that was afraid of my bat hung over our door. She stood quite a distance away from the door and was looking up at the bat and shaking her head NO! when her Mom tried to coax her up to the door. I told her I would just bring the candy out to her, and then she smiled but kept her eye on the bat as though it would attack her any moment.

Friday I made a two batches of caramel corn and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I made up a special basket for my next door neighbor's family and also for my twin great grand daughters. The kids were so excited when they discovered a DVD of the Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs in their bags. I took some caramel corn and the chocolate chip cookies over to my son.

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