Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rozlynn Louise is Born

We have been sitting on pins and needles the past couple of days. It all started with a phone call from Renee yesterday morning to tell me she was having contractions about 15 minutes apart. Jason came home and got her and they headed to the hospital only to be told to go home and wait until the contractions were a minute long, at that point they were 30 seconds long.

Sherry was on her way in to Vegas and instead of going to the hospital she met Renee at home. They ended up taking the dogs for a walk, shopping, and eating. Then Renee's water broke and she was told to head for the hospital. To me it seemed like a long time as we were waiting for the news of the baby being born. The last I heard from Sherry last night was that they had given Renee a block, so I thought that the delivery should happen within a few hours. So much for my knowledge as I am from the old school of the 1960's. I told Sherry to call me even if she had to wake me up. So I was restless all night long waiting for the big phone call. It never happened, so this morning when I got up I called Sherry. She had gone home to get some rest and was waiting for Jason to call her. It is good I called or she would have missed the text that Renee was ready to deliver. She headed back to the hospital, and called me around 10:30 AM this morning and the good news was: Rozlynn Louise was born at 9:56 AM this morning weighing in at 7 & 1/2 lbs, and 19" long. Sherrry said "She is a beautiful baby." No pictures yet, I don't know if anyone had a camera there. Update: Sherry did have her phone camera and the above picture is what she took right after Rozlynn was born.

Frank & I should have been on our way to Salt Lake City, to go to my nephews wedding, but instead I was sick and have been since last Saturday. We were disappointed that we didn't get to go and see my brothers and their families. I don't know when I will be able to go to Las Vegas to see the baby, as I want to make sure I am completely free of any bugs that I may have, but when I do I will be taking pictures and will post them. I can't wait to see little Rozlynn.

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