Sunday, November 15, 2009

Granddaughter in High School Play

Thursday after we got home from Vegas, we went to the high school play to see our granddaughter Sierra play the part of Dr. Tonya Kirkland. The play was "The Night of January 16th." It took place in a court room setting. A murder had taken place on the night of Janurary 16h. It was a play where the audience took part in it by being the jurors, and they set in the juror seats on stage. The setting looked just like a court room and it was really neat.
Sierra's character, Dr. Kirkland had examined the body of the man who had been murdered and she was sworn in and questioned. Sierra has turned into a good actress and did a fantastic job as well as all of the other students. We disagreed with the jurors verdict as we thought the father of the mistress on trail for the murder did it. I guess there was a different verdict every night of the play.
Sierra is excited about the next play as it will be a comedy and will be in the spring. They spend a lot of hours after school for play practice and it pays off as it was professionally done and was enjoyed by all who attended it. We couldn't believe the make up and the way it was applied to make the characters look much older. There were some humorous characters who gave the audience a good laugh. We really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.

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