Sunday, November 15, 2009

She's About Ready to Pop

Whoops! I need to change the date on my camera again.

We went into Vegas last Wednesday the 11th as I had a doctor's appointment the next day. We took a rug into Renee and took her out to lunch to Mimi's and of course I had to take a tummy picture. She looks like she is about ready to pop and it is amazing to me how big her belly has grown in just a week's time. She is carrying the baby just like I did with my pregnancies "All In Front." Renee is so miserable and can't wait to have the baby.
We went back into Vegas Friday as I had bought a dress from Penny's and they left that button thing on and if you try to take it off it will make a mess with ink all over the dress. Renee had gone to the doctor to see if there are any changes, and much to her disappointment there wasn't. She was still dilated to one, but that can change in an instance. I caught her on the cell and she had just left the doctor's office and she was bummed. She ended up coming over to Red Lobster and meeting us for lunch again and then we went to the mall to get the button off from my dress and she helped me pick out a couple of velour pant outfits. She said if she walked it made her have contractions and maybe it would start something. It didn't. Oh well we had fun eating, shopping, and visiting again. If Renee doesn't have the baby before the 20th the doctor will start labor that day, so we know for sure that Rozlynn will be here by the 20th or sooner. It just seems to drag to all of us, but mostly for poor Renee. I can't wait to see the baby and hold her.

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