Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Pictures

The top picture is my two neighbor kids Kody and Allison. Doesn't Allie look like a miniature Abbey from NCIS? They even colored her hair black as Allie is a cute little blond.

Frank saved the day by taking my battery out of my camera and then putting it back in. For some reason the battery wasn't making contact or something like that. Any way it started to charge and I was able to down load my Halloween pictures.

I know people had a hard time recognizing Sierra as the wig and makeup totally changed her looks. She looks good as a red head and the hair style is really cute on her.

She has really long hair. It is clear down to her waist and it is blond. May be when she gets ready to cut her hair this is a style to remember. She is so dang cute! I am sure Laura helped with the makeup and she did a super job.

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