Sunday, March 3, 2013

Catching Up - Heart Test - Birthday

Bret and his family helped me celebrate my birthday early as I had to have a Angiogram on my birthday.  Bret treated us to Los Lupies our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I am looking a little pale as I had a day of testing the day before at my cardiologist office.  It was an all day thing.  The worst test was the Chemical Stress Test. I almost didn't post the birthday pictures as I look horrible and looks like a bad hair day.  The wind was blowing, but the rest of the family looks so good I decided to post them any way.

Birthday Dinner at Los Lupies
Me, Sierra, Laura, and Bret

Merritt and Me (I don't know when I will get to see Merritt again as he has moved to Texas where he is working.  He left on my birthday February 12.  I will miss seeing him.)

The Day of the Angiogram
The nurse had a hard time finding a vein  for the IV

This is how I felt during the Angiogram

On my birthday I headed for the UMC Heart Care Center.  We got up early as I had to check in and was supposed to be there by 8:AM.  My test was scheduled for 10:AM, but that was changed to 10:30 AM.  When everyone found out it was my birthday by looking at my chart, I was given many Happy Birthday wishes.  I told the nurse I was hoping for the best birthday preset of having a good heart.

When I was in the Cath lab, everyone was busy hooking me up to an IV and getting me ready for the test.  I had told my doctor I didn't want to watch the process as I am a big stresser.  Frank told the nurse to make sure and give me something to make me groggy.  They gave me some shots around the area of entry so I couldn't feel the pain.  Then my doctor came in and started the process of looking at my veins in my heart. They did give me something in my IV that made me feel relaxed right before the doctor started the procedure.  I was in for a surprise as it wasn't really that bad.  Then the wonderful news came that I had no blockages, nor plaque.  I was elated.  While I was in the Cath lab, one of the nurses wished me a Happy Birthday over a sound system.  I told everyone that to have a good heart was the best birthday present ever.

The worst part of the whole thing was I was leaking blood at the entry site, and had to lay flat a few hours longer than normal.  I couldn't move my right leg at all, and had to be on my back for four hours.  It was so nice when it was over and I could walk out of the hospital and head for home.  It was nice to have Bret, Laura, and Sierra come to my home and see how I was doing and they all wished me a Happy Birthday.

The bad thing was that I ended up with the bug that is going around, and was sick for a good two weeks.  It was similar to the bug I had at Christmas.  I am still coughing, and on top of that allergy season has started.  Frank wants me to go see my doctor about the cough.  I had a horrible night last night not sleeping too well, and then the coughing began.  I had to go and sit up in my recliner for a while and then spent a couple of hours on the couch.

When we got home there was a message on our phone from Shirley, Frank's sister.  She wanted him to call her, which he did.  Harold had died on Monday when they unhooked him from life support.  Needless to say Frank was feeling bad and I held him while he cried.  He and his brother were so close these past few years.

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