Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Bret

Today is my oldest son Bret's 50th birthday.  I can't believe that 50 years have flown by.  Bret was almost a month overdue when I had him.  We were living in Grantsville, Utah and Doctor Latteier wanted me closer to Salt Lake as I deliverd too fast and he was worried about me making it to the hospital.  So I was staying in Salt Lake City with Grandma and Grandpa Staley.

I didn't think I was ever going to have Bret and asked Larry if I could go home for a few days.  So I went back to Grantsville and was elated to be back in my own home.  I cleaned the house and was making pizza when the labor pains hit.  I knew I had to get to the hospital fast.  We dropped off the pizza at Grant's (Larry's brother) home for them to enjoy, and we headed to the Holy Cross hospital in Salt Lake.

Dr. Latteier was waiting for me as we had called to let him know I was in labor. He was worried about me making it especially since there was fire or wreck, (I can't remember which would affect the direction we were driving.  Luckily, we had the radio on, and there was a news break about it; so Larry was able to drive around it and we made it to the hospital.  My labor had started somewhere around 5:PM and Bret was born at 7:43 PM.

It was a real hard delivery, and I begged to have Larry there with me.  Later Larry told me he would have never been able to handle it and would have more than likely passed out.  In those days no one was allowed in the delivery room.  While I was having such a hard time, I felt myself floating into unconsciousness and I let go of the bars that you hung onto.  They would make a clanking noise as you pulled on them with each pain.   Then all of a sudden I felt my self rising from my body and I can't explain how wonderful I felt.  I could hear someone saying "We are losing her"!! And then all of a sudden I felt a jolt or shock and I was back into my body racked with labor pain.

I never thought about the experience again until Larry was killed in the bank robbery and my Aunt Mary came to be with me.  She told me that Larry had told her a long time ago that I had almost died having Bret.  Then the experience I had came back to me and it all made sense.  Why I was never told, I will never know to this day.  The following are pictures of Bret.

Bret always loved Pizza and I told him it was because I was making pizza the day he was born and he could smell it and decided it was time to make his entrance into the world. Bret is really sick in bed with pneumonia.  One of the first times he was sick. He never got sick when he was a young kid.

Bret is six years old
Bret's six year birthday party
Baptism  8 years old
Brothers Bret and Garen
Graduation from Moapa High School
Family Picture Mom, Pops, Renee, Bret, and Garen
Special day with Grandpa Staley
Coming home from Mission -Missionary companion Kent 
A young Bret and Laura
My favorite of brother and Sister- Bret & Sherry

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  1. Very nice pictures....isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up? My last trip to CA, I was blown away with the height of my ten year old grand first born daughter's son...Time is flying by way too fast...


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