Saturday, February 9, 2013

Want to Run Away

Well, to continue with the story I have tell why my husband took me to the doctor the day they had the conference about his brother Harold. I kind of did this backwards so read the post below and then read this one.

Several weeks ago I was sitting at my computer doing genealogy, and all of a sudden I broke out in a full sweat running down my face type of thing. I was glad I was sitting as I felt like I was going to pass out.  It was kind of a scary thing, but I brushed it off and decided to do the wait and see thing.  I have been having  pressure and pain in my chest which I felt was Reflux, or GERD as I was diagnosed with several years ago.

It was time for my diabetic check, so I made an appointment with my doctor and told him about the symptoms I was having.  We decided together that I needed to go to my heart specialist first and more than likely have test done, especially since I am diabetic and diabetics are prone to heart disease.

I did go to my heart specialist, and he set me up for several heart test, one being the stress test.  I had the chemical test, and Wow!!! even though I have had it before that feeling you get when they put in the chemical  is a scary thing.  I felt like I couldn't breath and was coached to take deep breaths.  The techs said I would feel like I had run a marathon.  My reply was, "I would rather run a marathon!"  After the chemical test, I was taken to have another X-Ray and then I would get to see my doctor for the results of all the tests.  I was so sure everything would be good and I would be released with a good heart.

I was in for a surprise as the doctor told me I had a abnormal stress test.  He said it wasn't a smoking gun and I could wait for six months and be checked again.  No way was I going to wait six months, wondering and worrying that something could be wrong with my heart.  So for my birthday, I get an Angiogram. I still am sure that my pain and pressure is GERD, and the next step of the plan is for me to go to a doctor who could put a stitch in my flap to stop the acid from coming up in my throat. So now I have a few days to stress about the test as I get so nervous before these kinds of procedures.  I made myself sick just waiting for the tests I had done on  last Thursday.  Wish I knew how to stop it.

Last Thursday just seemed to be a bad news day, as that is when we found out about Harold, my test was abnormal, my daughter, while at work, had a drunk over 200 pound guy fall into her making her fall, and now she is bruised up, hurt her shoulder trying to catch herself, and she thinks she even hit her head.  Here is the worst part, there was no I'm sorry from the man, and no one offered to help her up, help her clean up the mess as she had a full tray of drinks she was carrying when this happened. The drunk man's friends helped him out of the area and just left Sherry there to fend for herself. I just can't believe how rude people are now days.  Then I got the bad news of a friend having breast cancer, my cousin may have lung cancer.  Wow!!!! isn't it time for some good news?!!!!

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