Thursday, March 7, 2013


I saw this on facebook today and really liked it. This is how I have always felt about family.  We have problems that lead to saying things that we shouldn't, but in the end we get over it and still love one another unconditionally.

I was wrong in thinking this would happen with extended family, and wish with all my heart that it was true. Why do we sometimes think we are perfect when someone has offended us, maybe thinking that we have never done or said anything to hurt others?  I know I have made more mistakes in life than I care to count, but if I am wrong, I am willing to admit it and ask for forgiveness, but for some reason this isn't enough, and the forgiveness is not accepted.  Life can sure be one big puzzle.

I guess why this is hitting home for me today is that the other night I had a dream that a family member invited me for a talk, and when I got there, this family member turned on me and wasn't willing to forgive and forget.  It was so real and I am still trying to analyze the dream.  I woke up in a sweat.  Maybe we both are afraid of the outcome of trying to talk in person and forgive.

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