Monday, March 4, 2013

Once Again Cancer Sucks!!!!

This morning my friend, more like a sister, called to let me know that she is having surgery tomorrow.  She will get a phone call later from the hospital letting her know when.  I was glad to hear from her as I tried to call her last Saturday and no one answered.  After the surgery, she is going to have radiation treatments for five days a week and I think she said for a month maybe longer?  This will be in St. George and so they are thinking about taking their travel trailer over to an RV park so they won't have to travel back and forth. Charlie, her husband has Parkinson's Disease and is in a lot of pain so this is going to be hard on him. I am hoping and praying for my friend that they will be able to cure her. It has been hard on her family and she worries more about them than herself, but that is the kind of person she is.  She has been a wonderful friend to me for many years.  Our kids grew up together and we have gone through a lot of trials together.  This will be another one for us to go through.  I am thinking positive and feel the outcome will be good.

I also got some bad news from my sister in law that her lung cancer has found a way to get around the treatment she was having.  She will be going into a test study and taking a new medication soon.  They have been able to keep the cancer at bay for four years now so I am hoping and praying the new medicine will do the same and give her some more time on this earth to enjoy her family and friends. The good news is that it won't cost them anything.  She is amazing as she has worked through all the treatments, and has such a good positive attitude which I am sure has helped her make it through it all and will continue to help her through this next phase.

My son will be going in this week for a CT-Scan to make sure his kidney cancer is gone. So I am hoping to hear good news on this.

I haven't heard what kind of treatment my cousin will be having for his lung cancer.  For some reason they can't operate on him to do a biopsy, and they are going to do some kind of testing to see how bad it is.  He has been a smoker most of his life, and I am sure this is what caused the cancer. We are hoping to spend some time with him soon in St. George.  Who knows how much longer he has on this earth?  Well, I hope to post something fun on my next post.  My great granddaughter is here for a day and I hope to get some pictures of her.  She is so much fun.

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