Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pigging out Today

The last visit Frank had with his cardiologist, he was told he had to lose weight or be medicated.  Frank had to go off from his Staten as it was causing muscle pain, which he is still dealing with.  I am hoping that there isn't permanent muscle damage.  Dr. Savron gave Frank a few months to lose weight. His cholesterol was way too high and his blood pressure is too high. So we decided that he should try the Medifast diet that two of my granddaughters have lost a lot of weight on.

Frank ordered the diet after he talked to a Medifast diet coach and picked out the things he thought he would like.  He decided that Monday is the day to start, so he has been having a last visit with the food he loves.  Today we went to Inside Scoop and he ordered a banana split.  I had a one scoop hot fudge sundae.  Of course I wasn't going to be left out.  Yesterday, we had a hair day with Renee, and after shopping we ate at our favorite Red Lobster.  We ate more biscuits than usual, but our dinner was more on the healthy side.  I have to quit all this eating too, as the baked potato and biscuits showed up on my blood sugar test this morning.

So on Monday, I am going to try and get back on my low carb diet.  I have started the "dreadmill" again, but only twice this week.  Hopefully I will do more next week.  That usually will take the weight off from me, as I have gained a few pounds from holiday eating.  I want to lose the weight. I have started some natural pills along with some other things that are supposed to help lower cholesterol as I am off from my Lipitor too.  It was starting to cause me muscle pain.  Any way I want to wait a couple of weeks and then go to see my doctor for my A1c test, and other blood work as it is time for my checkup.  I am crossing my fingers that what I am doing will show up in a good way in the blood work.

The Medifast diet isn't an easy one, but you are not supposed to feel hungry. I will have to help Frank with the meals and we have bought some salad stuff, as you are supposed to eat one of your own meals a day.  Dieting is never easy, and I sure hope we can stick to it, as we both know it will help him with his back and leg pain, and me with my blood sugar.  So Monday is the big starter day.  Wish us a whole lot of luck.

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  1. Popped in to wish you both a Happy New Year....hugs...


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