Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day One and Two----Diet

Yesterday was the first day of Frank's Medifast diet, and it went well.  He didn't get any hunger pains until the usual evening cravings.  So he had a small cup of sugar free jello, and I had one too.  He has to remember that he has to eat something every two hours or so.  This will keep him from feeling hungry and is supposed to change his metabolism.  I started the dreadmill, along with trying to watch what I eat. 

Today I made Frank some egg beaters with red pepper in them and he ended up with heartburn.  He couldn't eat all of the eggs, and I don't think he liked them very well.  "Where's the Bacon?"!!!!  I am sure he was missing the bacon and toast.  He really is doing well on the diet so far.  I have to remind him that he needs to eat as the two hours go by really fast. 

I made me some spaghetti with whole wheat noodles and had a big salad tonight.  I got way to hungry last night, so I need to try and eat something every two hours too.  I was glad I had grilled two chicken breasts last night as that is what Frank had for dinner tonight.  Chicken chopped up on his salad.  I can't wait for the weight to start coming off from him, as I know it will help him with the pain level.  We have been staying home and being hermits as I want him to adjust to the diet before we venture out.

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