Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yea!! Rozlynn Back in Daycare

In my last blog I told about Rozlynn being kicked out of daycare.  Renee called me a couple of days ago to give me the good news that Mrs. Bird had talked to the mother of the child that Rozlynn bit and they decided that Rozlynn could stay.  Renee was just getting ready to get Rozlynn's records and enroll her in the new daycare she had found.  It was a huge relief for Renee and me too as Rozlynn loves her daycare.  I think that Mrs. Bird went to bat for Roz as she is one of her favorites.  I think that Mrs. bird will keep a close eye on Roz and nip the biting in the bud.  Renee told me Roz has come home with bite marks, so she isn't the only child that is doing it.  Hopefully, Mrs. Bird will be able to get it all under control.

Today is my granddaughter Makenzey's 17th birthday and I probably wouldn't even recognize her as I haven't seen her for a long time.  She is the daughter of my son who is estranged from our family.  I hear she has really changed and has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.  I have been waiting to hear of the birth of another great grand baby, I think a girl.  Riley's (Makenzey's brother) wife is expecting any minute or maybe has already had the baby.  I have to wait to find out from family that has Jakell as a friend on Facebook.  Hopefully, I will get to see a picture of the baby too.  This kind of stuff makes me sick to my stomach.  How did it get so bad, too much water under the bridge I suppose.  I may try and friend Jakell and see what happens.  The 27th of September was Riley's 21st birthday.  Happy Birthday to both Riley and Makenzey.

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