Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mom & Daughter Road Trip

Sherry and I loaded up my car and headed to St. George last Saturday.  We went to see our cousin Lorri for a couple of days.  We got there around 2 PM Utah time. I had to have Sherry stop in Mesquite so I could get a quick drive thorough meal. It was getting way past my lunch time and I wanted to have some energy to do the fun things that Lorri had planned for us. Lorri had made a crock pot of chili and the aroma of chili filled the air when we entered her home. 

Sherry and Lorri ate a bowl of chili, and then we all got in Lorri's car and headed out on our adventure.  First stop was Tuachan where a craft sales thing was just closing up as the wind was blowing and caused an early closing of the booths.  Sherry had never been to Tuachan so we showed her the stage where some fantastic plays have been performed.  Lorri's son goes to school at Tuachan and he was up in Cedar City with his class.  They were in a Shakespearean competition, and they won I think, for the 9th year in a row.  We checked out the souvenir store and decided things were a bit pricey.

We then headed on up the road to Kyenta where another event was taking place.  They have some art stores, a coffee shop, and there was a band playing out on the patio.  When the band started playing, I said "look at those old farts playing. They look as old as me."  Actually they were really good, and there was a younger girl singing with them, she had a beautiful voice.  They were a country western band.  One of the old guys came over to where Sherry was sitting and played his electric guitar to her.  We had a lot of fun strolling through all the art shops looking at the crafts on display and for sale.  Once again sticker price shock.  Sherry did buy a feather for her hair, and Lorri found some eye glass holders that were really cute.  I found a unique bracelet made out of silverware that I would have bought, but since this month was full of bills like car tags, property taxes etc, I didn't feel like I could splurge.

Then we headed back to St. George to their new Town Center and walked around. Lorri had a hand in the development of it, as she was the head of the Chamber a few years back.  They keep adding things and had just put in a Merry Go Round. Lorri was our guide and explained all the buildings, etc. which made it nice.

We went across the street where there were old restored homes that you can rent, kind of like a bed and breakfast.  There was a young couple just leaving one of them and Lorri asked if we could take a quick peek inside of it.  It was really nice, and would be like staying in your own little home.  Lorri drove around some other areas and told us that the Brigham Young home had just been remodeled.  Sherry was shocked at how much St. George had changed, and was picking out landmarks that weren't there any more like our old dentist office.  We headed back to Lorri's and once again she fed us.  She weighed on us hand and foot, and it kind of made me feel guilty, but I really enjoyed being pampered.

The next day was Sunday and we were tired from staying up late talking and laughing.  Lorri fed us breakfast, and we all showered and headed out to the new air port.  We were able to go inside and tour the building.  It is really nice and was worthwhile seeing.  I had been curious about it ever since I heard they had opened it. Once again, Lorri had a hand in the planning of the airport, and was able to give us the inside story of how it came about.  It was like having our own personal tour guide. 

That evening Lorri had our young cousins Gina and Gaven over for a vegetable lasagna dinner, and we visited with them until they got tired and went home.  Then Gina's Mom, Lisa, dropped by after work and we visited with her.  All in all it was a really fun weekend. We got to see things we wouldn't ordinarily see as when we go to St. George it is to go to the doctors, or to shop. I really missed Frank and felt like something was missing the whole time I was there.  Frank was happy to see me when I got home as he missed me too and I was happy to be home and crawl into my comfy bed that night.

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