Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wedding Shower & Trip To Vegas

A week ago Frank and I went to St. George so I could attend my cousin's wedding shower.  I almost didn't go because I had been feeling under the weather.  I decided I was feeling better and I wanted to go and see my St. George cousins.  We stopped in Mesquite at Del Taco and had some tacos to hold us over.  I told Frank that every family event we go to it's always late getting started so I wasn't to worried about being on time.  We are usually early for most things we go to.  When we got there, I told Frank "well this is a first, we are almost 45 minutes late."  He said "tell them you are fashionably late." 

When I got there the girls were in groups and were working on charts using candy bars and making cute remarks that would later be read aloud and it was about the groom.  We had a good laugh at all the cute remarks.  Then we had fun making home made bath salts, and the room had all kinds of scents as everyone chose their favorite oil. Lorri was the one who put the shower together, and she had gone all out...making heart shaped cookies, heart shaped fruit, chicken salad sandwiches, cute decorations, etc.  She was the head of the St. George Chamber, and this was right up her alley, planning events. The theme was Princess Bride.

I had a lot of fun playing with Tiff's little girl, Kambrie.  She and her older sister Afton Kate helped me with my bath salts, and for some reason Kambrie hit it off with me.  We played ball, and then she decided to play beautician and played with my hair.  I didn't mind as I love having my hair played with.  She kept telling me that what ever she was doing was beautiful.  I felt like an egg beater had been in my hair, but everyone said surprisingly how good of a job she did.  She made my day by telling me that she loved me, I told her I loved her back.  I am sure glad I went.  On September 10th I will get to see more of the family as that is the big wedding day and we are planning on going.

Frank had a Rheumatolgoist appointment last Friday so I decided it was time to have my monthly pedicure and manicure.  We went in Thursday and had an early lunch and then I went to the nail place.  Frank picked me up a couple of hours later, and we went to Sherry's condo to kick back.  I got in touch with Renee and we decided to meet at Red Robin for dinner. I was so disappointed as I was looking forward to salad and clam chowder.  I love Red Robin's clam chowder.  The waitress brought my salad and said they were making a new batch of chowder.  When she brought the chowder, much to my disappointment it was runny like milk.  I didn't complain until the waitress came to clear off the table.  I think she knew and any way they didn't charge us for my dinner.  I still would have rather paid and had the clam chowder I was craving.

She is getting tired and wants out of her highchair

Rozylynn saying Cheese!!!!
When Frank started taking pictures, much to our surprise Roz said Cheese.  We had a good laugh at this...she is coming up with all kinds of new words.
Rozlynn showing off her Tutu

Please take me out of this chair
We visited and ate and then headed back to Sherry's condo and visited some more.  Rozlynn ran around giving everyone kisses and hugs.  She is so affectionate.  She called Frank Papa, and wasn't quite sure what to call me as Grandma is confusing to her as that is Sherry.  I told Renee maybe we should teach her to call me Granny, but I am so used to calling myself grandma to her so that may be a little hard to get used to.

Friday Doctor's Visit
Friday moring we headed to the doctor's office.  After talking to the doctor for several minutes and the doctor trying to decide if Frank needed to up his Cortisone pills.  Frank told the doctor that he wasn't having any improvements with his pain.  I asked the doctor if it could be Frank's pain medicines causing the pain?  Then when the doctor was going through Frank's prescriptions and found out he was taking Crestor for cholesterol, he said that could be causing the pain and to go off from Crestor.  I just hope and pray that it hasn't caused permanent muscle damage.  We came home early from church today as Frank's back was hurting and I was coming home to eat.

Frank decided to go off from his Cortisone and Crestor both and see what happens.  I had to go off from Lipitor because it was making me sick, and I think it was causing some muscle pain for me too.  All drugs and OTC meds have side affects.  The doctor did blood work to see what the inflammation markers were, and Frank will see him in three weeks instead of two as we are going on vacation, and I can't wait to get a way for a few days.  We are going to Yosemite for a few days.

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