Sunday, August 21, 2011

Braxton's 1st Birthday Party

Yumm my first taste of Birthday cake

Uncle Shiloh playing with Brax

Mom & Brax

Brax loves to ride on Dad's shoulders

Brax loves his new bike from Grandma Lori
Yesterday Bret, Laura, Sierra, and us all loaded up in our car and headed to Mesquite to Robyn and Eric's for Braxton's birthday party.  We stopped at Walmart to get Braxton a birthday gift.  Bret & Laura bought him a really cute play cell phone, and I bought him a learning ball that plays music, and also has things that help kids learn. Laura wrapped the presents in the back of our car and then we headed to the party. I can't believe that a year has gone by. Time just keeps flying by.  Braxton is my g grandson and a great joy in my life.

Elmo Birthday Cake
Trying to help Brax blow out the candles
Robyn made Braxton's birthday cake, it was really cute and yummy.

Grandma Lori & Brax
Grandma Lori had a lot of fun with Brax.  She had him walking to her, and it won't be long before he will be walking all over the place.  He was trying to follow his Dad every where he went.  I am sure he is a Daddy's boy.  
Daddy playing with Braxton's toys

I don't know who was having more fun playing with all the new toys Eric or Brax.  Daddy is playing with the ball that we bought Braxton.  Eric is such a good father.  He fed Braxton some lunch while everyone else was eating the good chili and corn bread that Robyn made.  Robyn had to make another batch as there wasn't any left for Eric.  The first batch she made took forever as she made it with brown rice and it took forever for the rice to cook.  The second batch went faster as she had some pre-cooked brown rice.

Robyn helping Brax un-wrap the toys

Robyn opened the gifts for Braxton, and he played with each one.  He loved the toy cell phone that Bret and Laura gave him.  Eric would play with it and Brax would be right there to watch and then Daddy would give it to him and he would play with it. 

We had a wonderful afternoon visiting family, and it was nice to see my grandson Shiloh as I don't get to see hm very often.  I hadn't seen Lori in quite a while and we got to visit too.  Rue a cousin of Robyn was there and it was great to catch up on family with her.  All in all we had a lot of fun, good eating, ending with the cake and ice cream.  I got some baby hugs from Brax and we all left as Frank was hurting and we needed to get him home. 

I just want to add this for Kristie K.'s comment.  In case you drop by to read my blog again, I want to thank you for the nice and thoughtful comment.  Life can be so complicated and hard especially family things.  Sometimes we think we are the only ones going through what ever the problem may be, and in reality everyone has problems within their families.

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