Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yosemite Trip - Sad News

I'm going to start with the sad news.  Sunday my neighbor Wendy came over and knocked on my door, as soon as I saw her, I knew something was wrong.  She started out by saying that she wanted to tell me they were moving and that she wanted to be the one who told me before I found it out from someone else.  I asked where were they moving to.  Her answer was.... just a short distance from where we live.  I thought maybe they were moving to Parawon where Kyle's parents live as they had talked about moving there a while back.  We both were in tears and We didn't get to talk very long as it was time to get ready for church.

I was so sad to hear the news as Wendy and Kyle have been our neighbors for almost seven years.  Their kids call us grandma and grandpa and it has been fun watching them grow.  Wendy and Kyle have been so good to us doing all kinds of good deeds when Frank had his surgeries, and during illness.  We visit over the fence, and Kyle has helped Frank with his boat and always there to give a helping hand when needed. 

Wendy drove over to the Mesquite hospital when Frank was in the emergency room, and I was told he had a mass in his stomach.  Turned out to be a wrong diagnoses, but when Wendy found out I was there alone, she hopped in her car leaving her family at dinner time and drove 45 miles to Mesquite and waited with me until my family came. I could go on and on about the things they have done for us, but I will just say they have been the best neighbors we have ever had. 

The reason they have to move is that this bad economy has caught up with them.  Kyle lost his job a while back and when he did get another job, they were behind on payments and the new job didn't pay as much as his old job.  They tried to get the bank to work with them, short sale, etc. but nothing came out of it.  So they lost their home, and can be added to the other young couples in our sub-division who have lost their homes. 

We feel so bad for them and for us to lose them as our neighbors.  It will never be the same even though they will live a few minutes away, they might as well live in another town, as we won't see them very often.  They will go to another ward so we won't get to see them in church any more.


Birdaveil Falls
Taking a break on the trail to the falls

Frank found a granite rock to sit on
Yosemetie Falls

We came back to our truck and found a surprise

The lodge where we stayed

Frank and I headed to Yosemite last Tuesday morning.  We took two days to get up there.  We decided to drive to Bakersfield, CA and spend the night there.  We were getting tired and decided to try and find a motel before Bakersfield.  We noticed that there was a lot of smoke in the air and when we drove into a small town called Tehachapi we saw all kinds of fire trucks, and even a camp of pup tents set up for the firefighters.   We soon found out that there were no rooms available as they were all taken up by the firefighters who were fighting a fire in the mountains.  So we drove to Bakersfield, and when we pulled into a Hampton Inn there were a lot of fire trucks in the parking lot.  I thought to myself "Oh no we are in trouble."  So as Frank went into the hotel to see if by some slim chance there were any rooms, I started to pray, "Oh please let there be a room for us."  Frank told me when he went in he put his hand in a praying position and begged to the desk clerk, please let there be a room..  She told him that there weren't any rooms available in the whole town, and said the next hotel would be in the next town.  Frank asked her to call and see if there was a room, and she did and guess what no surprise....there wasn't.  Then she must have felt sorry for us and she talked with another desk clerk and they came up with a suite,  which Frank quickly said, "We will take it." It was a beautiful suite, and we gladly paid the higher price for it. 

We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed the scenery of the high granite mountains of Yosemite and falls every where.  I bet it is quite a sight to see in the spring when water is running at a higher volume.  The only thing I would do different if we ever went again, would be to take a bigger ice chest with some food.  As the restaurants are very expensive, and it is in a remote area so they really take advantage of this and charge an arm and a leg for everything.

We drove home on Friday and decided to not stop and break up the trip.  We were anxious to get home and 12 hours later we made it home.  We unpacked and put things away, and I headed to my wonderful comfy bed, saying to myself  "There is no place like home."

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