Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Things

Today I went over to Bret and Laura's to give Laura a birthday card, and Bret reminded me that it has been a month since I blogged.  I told him that we have lived a boring life lately, and I didn't really have much to blog about. So this one is for you Bret. I did want to tell a funny story about me and our boat of long ago.

I was a spoiled Mom having two sons and my husband to do everything with the boat.  All I had to do was make sure there was food to take on our outings.  The boys helped unload the boat, and load it up.  I just waited at the dock to hop in.

Then the day came when the boys left home.  One getting married the other went on his mission.  So Frank and I decided to take the boat out on our own.  At that time we had a cabin cruiser, so it was a lot bigger boat than what we have now.  Frank did it all on his own unloading it, and there I was waiting at the dock to hop on.  When it was time for us to go home and load the boat up, Frank asked me if I would drive the boat up to the dock.  So I said sure, not really wanting to, but I needed to help him. So he went to get the truck, and I was driving the boat up to the dock, and was getting close and all of a sudden I realized I needed to stop.  I hollered out to Frank "Where's the brakes.!!!!"  Boy did everyone including Frank have a good laugh at that.  There are no brakes on a boat.  You have to use the gears to stop.  Dummy Me, and color my face red.

Frank is still working on the boat and had to replace the propeller.  I think he has it pretty close to running again, and I hope Bret will be there to help him test it out.  Are you listening to your Mom Bret?  As you can see from the above incident I am not a very good helper.  Just call me "Dumb Redhead."  I thought I would be posting "The Rest of the Boat Story.  LOL  Me having to learn to either drive the truck or boat while loading and unloading.  We will see what the future holds.  Like I said, I thought the boat was for fishing, and I am not a fisher woman, and when it is hot I don't want to be on a boat.

Well I was wrong about us having a boring life. Frank had to add some excitement yesterday. He belongs to findagrave.com and is a volunteer to find graves in our area and take pictures of the headstones for other members of the site.  It is for genealogy purposes, and he loves doing it.  He has really used the site himself for his genealogy and he knows how much it has helped him in his research, so he loves to help other people do the same.

So he had a request the other day for one of our local cemeteries and decided yesterday to go to the Pioneer Cemetery and look up the grave.  I couldn't go with him as I was waiting for Jami to come to my home and give me a massage.  Any way I heard him come in the door and went to greet him.  There he was with his hand all wrapped up in an old sock I had left in the car.  He told me he had fallen down and had bent his finger clear back.  Well I didn't see the blood and thought he had broken his finger.  He took off to the doctor and came home with six stitches and a bruised and swollen hand.  This poor guy has enough pain without adding this new one.

The grave just so happens to be one of our old friends that passed away several years ago.  His grave has a horseshoe fence around it, and this is what Frank fell on, and it could have been so much worse.  His hand had rocks, weeds, and dirt embedded in the wound.  So the doctor had to dig all of this stuff out before he could even stitch it up.  Unfortunately when he fell, it jolted his shoulders and now they are hurting more than usual.  When it rains it pours. I told Frank that he had gotten up close and personal to Richard and greeted him as he fell face down on Richard's grave.

Even after all of this, Jami still came down to my home and Sherry dropped by too.  We visited while Jami gave me a massage.  I was like a wet noodle when Jami was through.  She gives me deep tissue massages, and they are a good hurt type of massage.  I feel so much better today and I slept like a baby last night as they are so relaxing.  On the other hand poor Frank didn't sleep due to the painful finger.

I guess I should admit that I haven't been feeling well myself.  I have been so fatigued and have to force myself to do my housework etc. I have a doctor's appointment Thursday to get my Diabetic check up and my A1C test.  I have to admit that I have been eating too many sweets, and potatoes.  I  love potatoes of any kind, baked, fried, french fires, you name it I love them.  Potatoes are like eating sugar.  So I thought to myself "I need to really watch my diet and be good."  It is so dang hard.  Last night I was craving chocolate and I fought myself to not get up and find some chocolate sweet treat. 

I had to quit my "dreadmill" because I didn't even have the energy to get on it.  Then it started hurting me again.  I wake up in the night with the pain in my thighs as I am a side sleeper.  I know my back has a lot to do with it.  I try and keep myself  standing straight on the "dreadmill" thinking this is what is causing it.  Could age have a lot to do with it, after all I am 70 years old and the old body is wearing out?  I have seriously been thinking about getting one of those above ground pools so I can exercise in it.  They say that is good exercise for people with arthritis.  But then poor Frank would have to set it up and we would have to get rid of some grass and change the sprinkler system. Too big of a job to expect of him, and it hurts him to do this kind of labor.  So I am trying to think of something I could do that won't hurt me.  The first thing the doctor will ask me "Are you exercising?" ........and my reply will be "I was and I will give him the big excuse.

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