Sunday, June 19, 2011

Behind Again - Catching Up

Fatigue, fatigue, my constant companion is my only excuse for not blogging.  Yesterday I didn't even have the energy to turn on my computer.  I try to fight it but sometimes it really gets to me and I give in to it.  Thank heavens there were some cute romantic chick flicks on Direct TV yesterday and that is what I did lounge around on the couch, and in my recliner watching the boob tube. 

Poor Frank has caught some nasty bug which seems to be the one I had a month or so ago.  His throat is raspy and he is coughing.  He is feeling miserable.  One of the side effects of the cortisone he is taking is it will lower your immune system.  I will be glad when he gets off from the pills which should be soon.

Last Monday Robyn, and Renee came to Overton to Sherry's home and we had a really nice visit. 

It was so much fun watching Braxton and Rozlynn interact with each other.  Braxton hasn't been around other babies and once again we couldn't help but notice the difference between boys and girls.  Braxton let Rozlynn know more than once he wasn't going to let her take his toy.  He even tried to hit her as she wouldn't give up the toy they were fighting over.  Renee used the moment to teach Rozlynn to share.  We all clapped our hands when Rozlynn gave the toy to Braxton. I couldn't get a decent picture of Rozlynn as she was running around.  Just as I would try and snap the camera for a good picture she was off again.

Renee enjoyed playing with Braxton and you can see by the smile on his face he was having fun too.  I think Renee would like to have a boy, and Robyn would like to have a girl.  Maybe some day this will happen, but I know that if they do have babies, it won't matter what sex they are as long as they are healthy.  Sherry had Rozlynn play a game that she learned from a friend.  Rozlynn would go around the ottoman while Sherry was singing a song and kept going around until Sherry said I think Duck and then Rozlynn would run to Sherry for a big hug, then they would start all over.  It was really cute.


Several years ago, Sherry gave Frank her boat.  It was a birthday gift.  He fixed it up, even putting new carpet in it and then never used it.  I guess life just got too busy as we still had our condo and rentals that were constantly needing repairs.  He also was still working and putting in a lot of over time. 

He decided he needed a project and so once again he is working on the boat.  A cat had her kittens in the boat and we didn't know it.  I guess when she left the kittens, she couldn't get back into the boat to take care of them.  So Frank had a surprise when he uncovered the boat and found three tiny dead baby kittens.  At first he thought they were rats.  As you can imagine, the boat smelled of cat urine, an odor that I hate.  He aired the boat out for days.

He then tore the boat apart and cleaned every inch of it.  He had the carburetor rebuilt, and he worked on the motor.  He also used a special cleaner that took a lot of the oxidised paint off and it really did make a difference. He got the motor to run, and put the boat back together.

Friday evening, I went with him to the lake as he wanted to put the boat in the water leaving it on the trailer as he wanted to see how the motor ran.  The motor started up and he ran it for several minutes checking it to make sure it didn't heat up.  It ran good, but when he went to check out the gears, there was a problem of the gears not engaging.  So he brought it home, and worked on it some more.  He wants to take it to the lake and check it out again to see if he fixed the problem.

He asked me if I could pull the boat, with him in it, out of the lake and I said I could.  Well I didn't have the window down and was not checking him in the rear view mirror.  He was yelling at the top of his lungs for me to stop as he hadn't raised the propeller.  So I dragged it out on the cement and left a few mental shavings.  The worst part was that when I realized he wanted me to stop, I hit the brakes to hard and it scared me to death as I saw him being jerked back and forth. I haven't driven the truck as it makes me nervous, so I am not used to the brakes, etc.  

Not only that I am a coward when it comes to driving the truck as it seems so big, and especially towing anything.  Frank gets really frustrated with me.  I hate to drive anything with a man passenger.  I think it goes back to being afraid of my Father, as him teaching me to drive was a disaster.  My Dad finally just let me learn on my own, and that worked out a lot better. Well anyway Frank says "I am going to learn to drive the truck!!" -----and or learn to drive the boat onto the boat trailer.  I am thinking, "Hey I thought you were going to go fishing and Bret would be with you to do all that stuff."  I am not a fisher woman and wouldn't be there anyway."  I am sure there will be more to this story.

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