Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nice Surprise

Robyn my granddaughter came to visit us last Tuesday.  I haven't seen her for quite a while.  We have been trying to stop by her home in Mesquite but after shopping, doctor's etc. Frank is too tired and worn out.  So I was elated when Robyn called and wanted to come over to visit. 

Braxton has grown so much and is such a cutie pie. He looks a lot like Robyn when she was a baby.  I was able to hold him and play with him for a while, and give him some baby hugs.  He keeps Robyn busy keeping up with him.  Jamie and her daughter Sidney dropped by to visit too. We talked about how different boys and girls are from the very beginning.  Braxton is tough and likes to play rough, and his little voice is boy like.  So it was a fun filled afternoon talking and playing with Brax.  Hope we get to do it again soon.

Frank had a doctor's appointment with the Rheumatolgist last Friday.  After testing Frank, and asking questions the doctor thinks Frank has a condition called PMR.  To me it is similar to Fibromyalgia.  The doctor ordered blood work for Frank and he gave him a shot of cortisone right in his vein.  The bad part is the treatment and it is cortisone.  So Frank is taking a low dosage of it.  The doctor also had Frank go and have x-rays of his neck and shoulders. It was a long day.  Tomorrow is our follow up appointment so hopefully we will find out if it is PMR.  Frank jokes around and says he has PMS. 

My brother Allen is coming for a visit Saturday and I have invited my St. George cousins for dinner Sunday so they can visit with Allen and my family.  It should be fun.  I will update tomorrow when we get home from the doctor as to what the diagnosis is.  If it is PMR it can go away in time six months to a year. So in a way I am hoping that is what it is and not some permanent  immune disorder.

The doctor visit for Frank went better than expected even for the doctor as he was surprised.  The blood work came back good and no more inflammation.  The doctor said that everything was good, but that sometimes PMR doesn't show up in blood work and he has to go by patients symptoms.  He is weaning Frank off from the cortisone pills and will see Frank back in two weeks.  Frank is feeling a lot better and acts a lot better.  The x-rays showed that he has bone spurs in his neck and arthritis, also he has a problem with his left shoulder can't think of the name of the problem.  The doctor said if it gets worse, Frank may want to consider surgery on his shoulder.  Frank shook his head NO! NO! more surgery.  The poor guy has been though enough surgeries.  I am hoping he will see less painful days in the future.  He has bone spurs and arthritis up and down his spine.  So will he ever be without pain, that is doubtful.  I just want it to be bearable. 

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