Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend - Family Fun

When my brother Allen met us and Lorri K. in St. George for dinner a few weeks ago.  He put a plan in motion for all of us to get together and have dinner and for me to make my southern green beans.  So I decided to invite our St. George cousins to dinner and it ended up being on Sunday the day before Memorial Day, as this was the best day for every one to be here.  It was Sherry's day off so it worked out perfect.  Sherry came to my house around noon to help, and to her surprise I had everything under control, table set, and baker potatoes all washed and ready to cook.
I am a person who has to have everything ready and under control, or I suffer the consequences of nerves being out of control.  I wanted to make every thing simple so that I could enjoy my family being here.  So I did an oven pork chop dinner with bake potatoes, and of course my southern green beans, and Lorri K. brought a salad bar.  Laura brought rolls, and since it was my cousin Penny's birthday the day before, I bought a birthday cake at Costco. 

We surprised Penny with the birthday cake, and we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  She had a tear in her eyes and gave a good wish for our families all to be healthy and happy. 

After dinner everyone gathered around the piano with Allen playing, they sang, laughed, and had a good time.  Rozlynn tried to play the piano along with Allen.  They were a little loud, and I bet the neighbors could hear the party that was going on at my home.  I loved seeing them having so much fun singing.

Renee and Bret sat on the couch and sang.  Maybe Renee listened as she may not have known the songs they were singing.  She has lost over 30lbs and looks so good. 

The last picture of the day was a four generation picture.  I wanted to get a more recent one.  The last one we took was when Rozlynn was a month or so old.  Hope we get to take some more.  I was really tired at this point.  Lorri K. spent the night with Sherry and they stayed up until 3 AM talking, catching up on their lives.  They haven't seen each other for a long time.  My brother, Allen got up early Memorial Day, packed his car up and drove over to Sherry's house and woke them up.  Frank and I ended up meeting them at McDonald's for breakfast and said our good bys to Allen.  Lorri left a little later. 

It sure was a fun weekend and the best part was the telephone call Allen made to my estranged son Garen, as I ended up getting to wish him a happy birthday, and told him I loved him, and hoped some day I could see him in person and give him a hug.  He told me he loved me too.  I found out that he is working in Carson City, NV.  He was in Manti, UT fishing with his family, and freezing his hind end off.  The weather is so crazy.  Even today is so much cooler than normal.  The weather man says it won't hit a 100 degrees for another week and it is June 7th.  Crazy, crazy,  Sign of the times. I will take all the cool summer days we can get.  I know it will be hot soon enough and I am dreading it.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun. It's so great that you could all get together. Allen was so happy to talk to Garen, he sure misses seeing him.


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