Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Too Tired to Post Lately

Well once again I have let some time fly by.  I have been too tired and stressed to even think about posting.  So I will try and catch up some.

Renee came out to Overton for the Easter weekend, and spent a couple of nights with Sherry.  I went to Sherry's to see Rozlynn and of course she was taking a nap when I got there.  When she woke up I took this cute picture of her peeking above her crib.

Mama playing with Roz

She woke up and gave me a big smile.

Grandma Sherry gave Rozlynn a couple of presents for Easter.  Rozlynn tore open a package and found a doll in it.  Also Sherry gave her a cute purple Easter dress.

On Easter Sunday Sherry, Renee, and Rozlynn came to my house to spend the day.  We had a barbecue steak lunch, and then went outside on the patio as Rozlynn loves to play outside.  She is still in that exploring stage.  Trying to eat rocks, looking at birds, and anything that catches her attention.  She is so precious and so much fun to play with.

Bret and Laura had invited Frank & I for Easter dinner, but I had to take a rain check and told Bret I would be over later to get a yummy turkey dinner plate for us. I did go over that evening after Sherry and Renee left and visited with Bret, Laura, and Sierra.  Laura made me a nice plate of food and gave me a bag of her delicious rolls.  We had a turkey dinner for lunch the next day, and we devoured the rolls in two days.  They are so good.

On Monday Renee hid Easter eggs in her yard, and Rozlynn had fun finding them.  So she did have a belated Easter egg hunt at home. 

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