Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sierra's Birthday - Cinco de Mayo

Sierra's birthday was on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.  It seems fitting that she loves Mexican food and we have gone over to Mesquite to Los Lupies for years to celebrate her birthday. We went over on Friday as Sierra had a cast party - Theatre Class on Thursday. I can't believe that she is 17 and will graduate from high school next year.

Bret and Laura went into Vegas and picked up Merritt so he could come out and celebrate with us.  He really doesn't like Los Lupies, so next year for his and Frank's birthday we will have to go to Vegas and go some place he likes in there.

We came back to my home, and Sierra had some cards, and a present to open.  Sierra had made a raspberry cheese pie and we were all too full to eat any of it.  I kept a piece for us and sent the rest home with Sierra.  I ate my piece the next day, and it was yummy.  Good job Sierra..  The grand parents, Bret and Laura all went in on an I Pod. (think that is what you call it) for Sierra.  She loves it and showed it off at dinner.

Frank watching Sierra model her new hats


The referred Rheumatologist didn't call so I called their office and found out they don't accept our insurance.  Thanks for letting Dr. Gorman's office know that.  It seems that we really need to take things into our own hands.  I went on the Internet and looked up all the rheumatologist in Vegas and found one that had three good comments.  I called their office and found out that they accept our insurance.  I asked how soon could we get an appointment, and the receptionist said that we would have to be referred by our family doctor.  So yesterday, once again I called Dr. Gorman, no answer and his answer machine was full.  We drove to his office and found a sign on his door saying that he was out of the office for the day.  Murphy's Law - not there when we need him. 

Frank went to Dr. Gorman's office today with the information of the doctor we found, and asked them to send a referral to him.  So we will see how long it takes to get that done.  I will call the doctor in a couple of days if we don't hear from him.  In the mean time, Frank isn't doing too well, his wrist his hurting him again today, and for that matter he hurts all over and is exhausted.  We are anxious to get to the bottom of all of this. It seems to take forever to get into doctors especially specialist to get help and answers.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a heck of a time. I have a great primary care physican. He is wonderful. He would be a long drive, but I will share his name with you if you want it. It is infuriating to have a doctor be so unavailable! Time for a new one!


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