Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thirty Three Years and Counting

Frank and I celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday, March 25.  I look at this happy couple and I hardly recognize them - so young.  I was 37 and Frank was 36.  We reminisced all day yesterday as to what we were doing 33 years ago.  Frank always remembers that he washed the windows of my home.  They were really hard windows to wash as they were high and a ladder had to be used to wash the outside, and they were dual paned but the old fashioned kind that you had to take one out and then the other one.  I guess you would say they were double windows. 

What a trooper Frank was to take on that task.  I used to sit on the ledge of the open window and clean them and also I had to stand up and hold on the window as I reached for the tops of them.  I am sure people saw me from the road and thought I was living dangerously.  I sure wouldn't do it now, in fact I couldn't do it now. I am so glad we are living in a much smaller home and the windows are ground level.  Frank always teases me and says "I need to wash the windows on the our anniversary as that is what I was doing 33 years ago."  I told him no way did he have to celebrate our anniversary washing windows.  I did get to go to Vegas the day before our anniversary and get a pedicure and manicure.  I told Frank that would be my anniversary gift.  It doesn't take much to please me any more.  I don't need diamonds and trinkets, a massage, pedicure, and manicure are what pleases me now.
We went to Paul last week and I made a big mistake in not looking at the rating.  We had seen the clip on TV and all we could see was a funny ET character and of course they used a funny clip.  So we thought lets go and see something funny.  BIG MISTAKE!!!! We really should have gotten up and left.  I have never seen a movie with so many F bombs, and so many cuss words in my life.  Then I felt it really put God down in a bad way.  It's strange as it got a B+ rating, and my daughter had a girl at work tell her she had to go and see it as it was soooo funny.  It is strange what people consider funny, and also how they rate things.  It just makes me know that our world is in bad shape (EVIL) and there will be A Cleansing of America and maybe sooner than we think.  Just look at the news, and that tells it all. 
For our anniversary we went to see Limitless and it was so much better than Paul, of course the rating wasn't R either.  It isn't one that we would buy as we felt it dragged a little, but it did get better as it went on.  Our favorites so far are Unstoppable, and Unknown.  Limitless couldn't even compare to either one of these.  After the movie we went to Casa Blanca and I had the Friday special of steak and lobster, one of my favorite dinners.

We really did want to do something more, like a small trip somewhere, but the weather was bad every where and neither one of us really had the energy to travel.  Is that a sign of age or what?  We used to love to travel not to far from home and see places of interest like Death Valley - Scotty's Castle, etc.  I am glad we did make a lot of those trips as with gas and our energy level we don't do much traveling any more.

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