Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Bret

Well, I did it again I forgot to take my camera to Bret's birthday dinner.  His birthday was on March 14 and I can't believe that he is 48.  It really makes me feel my age when I see the ages of my kids.  When Garen turns 47 on May 29th my kids will be 47, 48, and 49.  Yes, Sherry will be hitting the big 50 in August and that is even harder to believe.  Oh yeah! I know what your comment will be. "You must have been crazy to have kids so close."  Some how I made it through and added in a couple of step daughters along the way.

Any way, Bret's Mother in law went all out and made Bret his favorite dinner.  Lean sirloin steaks, mashed potatoes and gravy, home made rolls, green beans, and salad.  Then his favorite birthday cake, Angel Food with different fruit toppings and whipped cream.  It was delicious, and I could have eaten a dozen rolls.  Sherry was able to make it to the dinner, and then had to head to Vegas for her work week. 

Laura is recuperating from surgery, and we all sure hope she gets well fast.  The color is coming back to her face.  She was so pale it was scary.  I am glad she is on the healing end of the surgery.  It is always good to have any kind of surgery over with.  Well, hopefully I will remember to take my camera to the next event. 

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