Friday, March 18, 2011

Random Things

Once again I have been a blog slacker.  I really don't have any excuses except for fatigue my constant companion.  Then there hasn't been too much going on to blog about.  I think I have been feeling like my life is a repeat of things I do every day.  Here is how it goes.

1.  Wake up around 6:30 am get up and take my sleep appliance out, brush my teeth and the appliance.  Then crawl back into bed, turn on the TV and wait for a little energy to get up.

2.  Get up open all the blinds, mark off the calendars, turn on our computers, grab my pills, blood sugar tester, and head for the kitchen.

3.  Test my blood sugar, grab a bowl of cereal, take all my pills.  Make some green tea and hope that it will give me the energy to get moving.

4.  Head for the "dreadmill"  walk on it for 30 minutes doing 1 1/2 miles. 

5.  Drag myself to the shower trying not to sit down because I know I won't get up for another 30 minutes.

6.  Start the routine house cleaning, and hoping that I will have an energy surge to do my spring cleaning.  Then it is lunch time and trying to think what to fix is a big decision for me, let alone dinner later on.  Nothing sounds good any more.

Sounds really exciting huh?  Honesty I have lost all interest in things, and I am going to have to motivate myself to get back into genealogy, and get my my daughter's scrap book done that I started two years ago.  Sad, but true, two years have flown by and it still isn't finished.  Then there is the dreaded spring cleaning that keeps bugging me and weighs heavily on my mind.  Why do I have to be such a clean freak?  Seriously I am glad that I am, but I just have to realize that I can't do it all in one or two days like I used to.

A couple of weeks ago Frank and I went to a base ball game fund raiser called the Sandoval - Robison scholarship fund. It is done in Shawn's and BJ's memory.  They both died at young ages.  Shawn died of a heart defect at age 25 and BJ was killed in a motor cyclye accident.   We were able to see Robyn (Shawn's sister) Eric, and Braxton.  Look at how tall he is getting.  Robyn has lost all of her baby weight and as always looks like a model.
Shiloh, Shawn's little brother, dropped by to see us and that was a nice surprise.  He ended up playing in the second baseball game.  He was getting over a bug, and wasn't planning on playing, but once he got there and saw some of his friends, he decided to play.  They rounded up some clothes for him to play in.  Shawn and BJ both played base ball for Moapa Valley High School.  In fact Shawn got a base ball scholarship in SD. By the way, Shawn is my grandson, not by blood, but from my second marriage.  I raised his mom from the time she was eight. It was nice to see her and visit with her at the baseball game.

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