Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pain Management for Frank

It seems like all we do any more is go to doctors, and once again we hit the road to Vegas to go to a Pain Management Clinic.  Frank is still in constant pain with his back and has to take prescription drugs to control it.  It has been close to a year since he had his back surgery, and we were hoping it would be better by now. We decided to try a pain clinic and see if there was any procedure that may help with the pain.

We arrived at 1PM and Frank filled out the necessary paper work, and then it was wait, wait, and wait some more.  Finally after watching patients come and go, a nurse called Frank back into the exam room around 2:30PM.  We sat in the exam room and waited some more.  Finally Dr. Fishell came in.  We were impressed with him as he took his time going over all the options and I could see why there is such a long wait.  It is nice to have a doctor take time with you and not feel rushed. 

After he told us all the horrible side effects of  NSAID's one being death, kidney shutdown.  It made me realize how dangerous they are.  He gave a huge number of deaths every year of people who die from NSAID side effects.  I really try and only take them once in a while when I am in a lot of pain.  I was telling my daughter about it and she said one of her friends had a close friend in Vegas who died of this very thing just recently.  She was only 40 years old and had 3 children.  How sad.

After all the talking, it was decided that Frank would have a temporary nerve stimulator put into his back, and if it helps him, he will have a permanent one put in.  The doctor told us they have had good results with this procedure and that a big percentage of his patients do well with it.  Frank has been having weakness in his legs and after walking a while, he feels like they are going to give out under him.  The doctor explained how the nerves from his back were causing this and that the stimulator would definitely correct it.  He said they use them in Diabetic patients who have Diabetic Neuropathy.  In fact they have had miracle healings of Diabetic ulcers using the nerve stimulator.  Frank and I both have Diabetes and I told the doctor I would have to remember this in case I ever have a problem with my feet.  Dr. Fishell also told us that the stimulator should give Frank as much pain relief that he now gets from his pain medicine. It is by no means going to stop his pain, but hopefully make it more bearable.

So now we will wait for our insurance to give the approval for the procedure and then the staff will set up a date for the surgery.  The first thing I thought was Oh No!!! I will have to drive Frank home in Vegas traffic.  I keep telling myself that I did it before and I can do it again.  I will just use surface roads like I did before to get me to the race track where I can get onto I-15 and head for home.  See I am already sweating bullets.  I was a born worrier.  I can feel my shoulders raising to my neck just thinking about it.


  1. I have also heard that this is successful for some people. Good luck Frank!!!

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