Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catching up Again

The first thing you will notice is that I put the original picture of Frank and I back.  I did it just for you Bret as you made the comment that you liked that picture and so did Sherry.  Sierra took the picture on Easter 2009.

I don't know where the time goes, but before I know it weeks have gone by and I haven't posted anything new.  For one thing, not too much has been happening in our lives, and then our calendar filled up with appointments, mostly for Frank.  We were finally able to go to St. George and visit with my cousins. I made arrangements to see Lisa's new baby girl, Cienna.  She is a little doll.  Lisa calls Frank Papa Frank as he was married to her Mom, Penny, a long time ago when Lisa was a little girl.  Any way it was fun to hold the baby.  Lisa was getting ready to go to work, and her Mom baby sits for her.  We could see how hard it was for Lisa to leave the baby as she kept fussing over her. Cienna is 2 1/2 months old and I can just imagine how hard it is to leave a baby that young. I forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures, but I took the one below off from Lisa's facebook.  Lisa is 43 and has grown children and was divorced and remarried and had this little surprise from heaven.

Chris, Cienna, and Lisa

We went to St. George so Frank could finally get his Sleep Apnea Appliance.  They have had nothing but problems with it.  This was the third time and finally everything was good with the appliance and Frank was able to bring it home.

I tried to take several pictures of Rozlynn, but she runs instead of walks, and it is really hard for me to get a good picture.  I think I have a good one and get ready to snap the picture and then she is off running.

Last weekend was Frank's birthday.  Renee, Jason, and Rozlynn came out to Logandale and spent the night with us.  Renee's new baby brother was blessed and it was done at Renee's Dad's home.  The next day was Frank's birthday and that evening we met at The Scoop for dinner.  It was Merritt's birthday too, and he came out from Vegas to celebrate his and Frank's birthday together.  Renee, Jason, and Roz dropped in just as we were finishing dinner and they had ice cream.  Frank and I will be the same age for two weeks as my birthday is next Saturday.

It was really warm out on my patio so we took Rozlynn outside and she was running everywhere exploring my back yard.  She loves to be outside.

She went into the rock area of the yard and was playing with the rocks, and then she was off running again to explore something else.  It was so much fun having her around to watch and play with, and it was nice to have Renee and Jason here too.  Renee cooked breakfast for all of us and it is always nice to have someone else cook for me.  I don't like to cook any more, so it was a real treat. We had pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

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