Monday, February 14, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday was on February 12.  It was my big 70th birthday and I still can't believe that I am that old.  My how time flies.  My day started out with my son calling and singing happy birthday to me and then coming to my house to give me a birthday card and when he found out we weren't going to Vegas until later in the day, he offered to take us to The Scoop for birthday lunch.  I gladly accepted and we met him, Laura, and Sierra.  We had a nice lunch, and visited for a while.  Thanks Bret it is always great to have lunch with the family.

Sherry had invited us to dinner at the Bellagio for my birthday so we headed to Vegas to meet her, Jason, Renee, and Rozlynn at the Bellagio.  We always have a wonderful dinner there, a fancy dinner I might add.  Sherry had a comp for four so the waiter gave her a plate and we all shared with her.  We had appetizers, main course, and desert.  I had steak and lobster.....yummmmm.  The steak was so tender it melted in my mouth.  The lobster was a little tough so I am thinking they over cooked it.  The dinner was close to $300.  Wow! what a treat.  Rozlynn as usual kept us entertained, and Renee had to clean up a mess of food Rozlynn had dropped on the floor.  Most of it on purpose. 

Afterwards we walked out into the Bellagio Chinese New Year display.  I should have taken pictures of it, but I was getting a little tired.  Jason let Rozlynn get down and run and I mean run.  She is so friendly with people and everyone couldn't believe how cute she is.  Jason was chasing her all around the area. She was never out of sight of any of us, as she is so much fun to watch.

Sherry and Mom
Watching Rozlynn beating on Daddy's head.  The necklace around my neck is an open heart, the angel one from Kay's Jewelry.  Frank bought it for my birthday and Valentines Day

Frank and Donna

Later at Sherry's condo I crashed with Ozzie

My day started out with a delivery from the flower shop.  Jamie had sent me some beautiful flowers.  What a nice surprise.  Then she dropped by later on and brought a homemade desert that had just come out of the oven.  She is on a strick diet, but the aroma of the warm desert had gotten to her on the way down to my house.  So we each had a piece of it and it was delicious.  It is kind of a cheese cake thing, but has a pastry crust on the top and bottom.  She also wrote on my face book the following statement and that made my day.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!! You are beautiful, thoughtful, kind, interesting, loving, and sincere. And you have great hair! I hope you have a wonderful day--You deserve it..Love you

Jamie also called me and her family sang happy birthday to me and then each one took the phone and told me happy birthday and  a love you.  It was so much fun to hear them and they are so dang cute.  Love all of you too!!!!!

Yesterday, Sherry treated me to a side by side pedicure, and I also got a manicure.  It is always fun to be pampered.

Thanks everyone for making my 70th birthday bearable.  I hate being this old, and as I look at my pictures, I am thinking I am really showing my age, but we can't stay young forever so guess I had better get used to all my new wrinkles. 

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