Thursday, August 12, 2010

Results are in

The nurse from Dr. Gorman's office called Tuesday and said everything in my blood work was good except for my A1C test (Diabetic Test).  It was too high, so I guess this is a lot of my problem.  No surprise to me the way I have been eating.  I get so tired of having to think about everything that goes into my mouth, and I think I get rebellious at times and think to myself  "to heck with it I am going to eat this candy or goody, and even a potato, or bread and just enjoy it."  Then when I feel lousy after an hour or so, I wonder why? 

So the doctor's orders were DIET AND EXERCISE.  Do you ever get sick of hearing this same scenario over and over again.  It is so hard to change eating habits even when you know it is important to do so for your health.  Maybe if I would turn off all the TV advertisements that would help.  Like when I see the Dairy Queen ad for a Blizzard, all I can think about for days is my favorite Heath Bar Crunch with a little chocolate syrup.  I am sure glad there are no Dairy Queens here in our valley as I do have some really weak moments.

I know Diabetics can have treats if they are planned for. To me it is like counting calories except it is carbs that is the death sentence for a Diabetic.  I have always hated diets where you had to count calories, to me it was just too hard, so counting carbs is the same as counting calories.  Oh well, if I want to feel better, then I have to watch what I eat, and get back on my dreadmill.  At least I have a TV and I can watch movies as I walk for 30 minutes, and I know I have to cut back on that white stuff high in carbs. Why is it that all the foods that tastes good to me are really bad for me?  I have already started the routine of watching what I eat, and walking on the dreadmill, and I have added vitamins to the list.  I am feeling a little better so I guess it is working.

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