Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nice Surprise - Our Granddaughter's Visit

We had a pleasant surprise visit Tuesday afternoon.  Our beautiful Granddaughter Robyn stopped by.  Sherry was here and we sat around and had a really good visit.  First of all Robyn went in and had a little chat with Grandpa and he loved that. 

We are so excited for Robyn and Eric as Robyn is expecting there first baby, a boy who they are going to name Braxton Thomas.  She is due the latter part of August. 

I had to take a belly picture.  Robyn is so cute with her little basket ball belly.  She was really sick the first three months, but now is feeling really good.  She retired from her job and enjoys being able to sleep in.  Well, Robyn you had better enjoy that sleeping in. Soon little Braxton will be keeping you up all hours of the night and he will keep you busy.  We can't wait too see him and hold him.  What a bundle of joy he will be for all of his family.

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